Deo florida unemployment claim weeks

DEO Florida Department of Economic Opportunity launched CONNECT, a new way to claim your weekly Reemployment Assistance benefits. Deo florida unemployment claim weeks.

Why did we create a new system?

The previous system was more than 30 years old and was no longer able to efficiently serve claimants and employers. The modernized the Reemployment Assistance (RA) system will better meet the needs of claimants and employers.

How does help CONNECT to the claimants?

CONNECT provides online access to all the information related to the claim to the that you can access from anywhere, anytime. CONNECT is a system which makes faster the application for benefits, problem solving and the proportion of information. It provides better processes, systems and services for claimants, employers and agents, or third-party representatives and staff of the Department of Economic opportunities, and a closer connection between the assistance program of Re-employment of Florida and the labor force for a more rapid re-employment.

You will use to CONNECT:

  • Establish a claimant password protected account
  • Submit initial and continued claims
  • View the status of claims and payments
  • Update personal information and payment option
  • View topics
  • Respond to requests for information
  • See correspondence from the Department of economic opportunities (DEO)
  • Filing appeals
  • View the balance of the overpayment and make payments
  • Access information on assistance for re-employment

Unemployment insurance is a program of maintenance of income that may be available to you if you are unemployed, and if it was not responsible for the separation. The received benefits provide temporary help until you can find suitable work. Thousands of unemployed workers each year apply for benefits to supplement your income while looking for new jobs. This allows them to continue to make payments of House, car and payment for groceries and other necessities.

Who is using CONNECT? CONNECT is a central system that can access four main users: the claimants, employers, third-party agents and staff of the DEO.

  • Claimants – Claimants use CONNECT to apply for benefits, submit an appeal and view and send correspondence.
  • Employers – Employers use CONNECT to file appeals, and see and send correspondence.
  • Personnel of the staff of the DEO – DEO use CONNECT to evaluate information, authorize payments, award subjects, and maintain data.
  • Representatives of third parties (TPR, Third Party Representatives) if the claimant les It allows access, third-party representatives use CONNECT to, see information and act on the part of the claimant during the appeal process.
  • Third party agents (TPA, Third Party Agents) carried out by the agents of third parties assistance for re-employment of part of an employer, and employers They provide access to third parties to specific information agent.
  • Other State and federal – agencies other State and federal agencies have contracts that describe the specific information that can be accessed at CONNECT.


This section will provide information about sign in CONNECT. It documents the steps necessary to do the following:

  1. Access to the claimant login page,
  2. Register an account of the claimant as a new claimant,
  3. Activate an account of the claimant as an existing claimant,
  4. Solve password problems

Access to the deo weekly claim login page

This section provides instructions on how to access the home page of session of the Claimant in CONNECT, and documents the steps necessary to do the following:

  1. Link to CONNECT
  2. Add CONNECT to “Favorites”
  3. Select the type of login To access the claimant login page, follow the steps listed below.
  4. Enter or copy the CONNECT URL in the address bar of your browser:

DEO CONNECT Claimant complete Guide download PDF file This document is a reference for navigating the CONNECT system functions that you will use to register or activate an account, navigate the Claimant Homepage in CONNECT, apply for benefits, file appeals, view correspondence, respond to action items, and access information about payments, benefits, appeals, determinations, and correspondence related to your Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) (formerly Agency for Workforce Innovation or AWI) Claimant account.

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