Hp warranty check by serial number Only

If you want to check Hp warranty check by serial number of your computer, laptop or server, without having to call technical service and save you time, and calls you can look at the following addresses we show you then only will need to have the serial number (s/n) and the part number (p/n) of the team, usually in case of a laptop is situated at the bottom of it. Check warranty hp products is the way to more secure that your computer is not a problem.

In the event that we use a laptop computer, the issue of reduced to turn the machine and find the tag where we will surely find the serial number. But it is not so easy if you have a desktop computer, especially the older ones, where this issue is much more difficult to find by the weight and dimensions of this type of computer.

How do I check my HP warranty?

Hp warranty check by serial numberOne of the elements that we always have to have on hand when our laptop or desktop computer have a problem and have to call technical support is the serial number. This issue is fundamental to who is on the other side the phone can take the claim.

But fortunately we have at our disposal a method much easier to find the serial number of the PC without having to slip below the desktop.

How Do I Find My Product Number and Serial Number? The Serial Number (s/n) is a ten-digit alpha-numeric number that is unique to your product. The Product Number (p/n) is a six or seven-digit alpha-numeric number that identifies your product. If there is a pound sign (#) or a dash (-) in the p/n, enter only the letters and numbers before the # or – sign. Both numbers can be found on the Universal Product Code (UPC) or Service Tag sticker located on the back, side, or bottom of your product (see picture below).

Run the command prompt (start run CMD followed by ENTER) and type the following command: WMIC bios get serialnumber

to find our team model type, write the following text:

  • WMIC csproduct get name, identifyingnumber
  • An alternative that can also help us to find the model number of the system is to use the tool “Information system”, which we can find in “all programs Accessories system tools”.
  • As you will realize this works very well in the machines as I said before, they are sold by major manufacturers (DELL, HP, IBM, etc.) and is particularly useful when we have to make some processed such as calling support or register the product on the official site, etc.

How can I find HP Serial Number Search

How to find the model number that represents your laptop HP type of concrete form. You can use model (product name) number to download drivers, find help documents or to get online support.

HP put a type of name of model near the keyboard or screen, but that name or number may not be enough to get support for his team. Usually these names or numbers represent a series of notebooks with a similar appearance, but have different options and parts.

Watch this video on how to find the model number

HP Product Warranty Check by serial number United States Manual warranty check Please select the country where you would like service (even if you purchased your product in a different country), and enter the serial number and product number below, then click on ‘Submit’. Click here

Hp warranty check by serial numberAutomatic product detection and warranty check This function will detect the product and serial numbers stored electronically on your system(s) that allows you to check your warranty status. How can I find HP Serial Number Search

The option to query it from the command line of Windows and with the appropriate tools and configurations, we can consult the information remotely, for example, if all the computers are in the same domain and if we have the tool psexec to our Disposition, the collection of information can take only a few minutes without moving if you want from our desks.

To view the information, we do the following:

  1. Open a CMD window
  2. Run any of the following commands
command information
wmic bios get serialnumber HP: shows Serial Number, Dell: shows Dell Asset tag
wmic csproduct get name HP: shows model name: Dell: shows base model
wmic /namespace:\rootwmi path MS_SystemInformation HP: shows product number, Dell – nothing man, just nothing


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