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American red cross saba main Learning Management System New User Guide Our new, online registration for instructor-led and online Disaster training courses is now available through the Red Cross Saba Learning Management System (Saba LMS).

Following are instructions on how to access Saba LMS and how to find and register for classes/online courses. A vital step toward using Saba LMS is having an account in the system.

You must access your existing account or set up a new account before you can self-enroll in any of the disaster training classes or online disaster courses.

Accessing Saba LMS

You can access the site at (you may need to copy and paste this URL into your browser).American red cross saba main

If you are already a disaster volunteer, please try your email address as your Username to log in. The initial password will be Welcome, but you will be able to change that as soon as you get in. Please do NOT create another LMS account!!

Remember to use the email address that is on file at the Chapter. The initial password will be Welcome , but you will be able to change that as soon as you log in.

If you are a new volunteer and are sure that you don’t already have an account, you can click on the “Sign Me Up” link on the Saba LMS home page and follow the instructions below to create a new account. Be sure to click on the SAVE button when you have completed the “New User Registration” screen. Please use your email address as your Username.

Navigate to the Saba LMS: (you may need to copy and paste this URL into your browser).

Creating a new account in the Saba LMS

To create a new account: Always, check to determine if you already have an account in Saba LMS.

Step 1

Click New Users in the lower right corner of the webpage. The following screen will appear.

Step 2

Complete the “New User Registration” screen. Please complete the entire form. Be sure to enter your email address so that you receive system-generated notifications, such as to confirm your enrollment in a class and class cancelations. You will also enter your unique personal email in the Username field. This will be your user ID every time you use Saba LMS.

Step 3

Click Save. See the example below.

This is your home screen after you have logged into Saba. Note: It will show you any classes, you are currently enrolled in.

Instructions for searching for classes and online courses

To search for classes, click the “Advanced Search” link on your Saba LMS home page, as shown below.

You will be taken to the learning catalog under the Offerings tab as shown below.

Saba LMS contains every class offered in the country. By changing the zip code you may see courses offered around the country.

Now click on Search Learning Catalog. You will see the class offerings, date held, time and the facility where each class is being held. Note: Pay careful attention to the Facility. This is where the class is being held. Ensure you select the proper facility. You can also click the MAP link to see the location on a map.

Registering for classes and online courses

Helpful tip: If you click on the “Start Date” column header of the Learning Offerings, it will sort the offerings by start date.

To register for a specific class, click on the Register link on the right of that class listing.
To complete the registration, click on Place Order.

Note: If you want to take several classes, you can click on Continue Shopping instead of Place Order, which will take you back to the Catalog Search screen. Then repeat search process. As you add courses, you will see them added to your cart. When you have finished registering for all the courses you want, click on Place Order.

Saba LMS additional functions

Saba LMS will also allow you to cancel your registration to any class which you are unable to attend. If a class is full, you will be waitlisted and may be offered an opening in the class if anyone cancels their class registration. Saba LMS will email you if an opening becomes available and you will have the option to register for the class or decline.

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