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The National Football League (NFL for its acronym in English of the National Football League) is regarded as the most important of the World Football League On the official NFL page you can find all kinds of information about teams, repetitions, results and game schedules.

For supporters of a team both fans of the game in specific, the start of the NFL season is part of the flavours and colours which brings with it the arrival of autumn in the northern hemisphere. For seventeen weeks, more the five in the postseason, follow soccer games American reaches the level of passion you have a directly proportional importance.

However, follow all the games you want to not always possible: restrictions area, blocking, or simply the lack of access to a television, could avoid that you follow the broadcasts of your favorite teams. Then five reliable sites online to watch NFL online football games:


Many users ask me about Monday night football channel on direct tv I can say that this vari according to the State where they are have had similar questions as direct tv monday night football channel as well as this one, are all the same question as I mentioned depends on the State where they are located. the firstoff must do is digirirnos to the official website of direc tv and go to the guide of direc tv, hai channels there are a detailed channel list. Another alternative envelope direct tv channel bakersfield monday night football is to go to the official website of the NFL and see that cable operators transmit since the creator of the program is the same NFL.


NFL Game Pass Available only outside the United States and its territories, Mexico, Bermuda, Bahamas and Antigua, NFL Game Pass is the service offered by the official website of the NFL and is the most comprehensive and reliable, but also the most expensive by the season (approximately equivalent to $259 USD per Season Plus for a season). If you want to include the postseason games – including the Super Bowl, you must purchase Season Plus. If you live outside the restricted geographical area, and want to follow the season the NFL, feel that this is your best option. Among its services, the most prominent are: click here web page

  1. You can, in high definition (HD), see 65 preseason games and 256 games of season regular live or on-demand, well as you can see 10 postseason games and the Super Bowl by demand.
  2. For the Super Bowl, which is why demand, the famous commercial and the halftime show are also included.
  3. DVR features to live games: pause, go back and forward.
    Available for mobile devices, for details you can go to the official website for mobile.
  4. You can find NFL Redzone, which is a broadcast commercial-free in which you only see the best actions of the games on Sunday (live).
  5. Condensed Games: you can see complete sets condensed in about 30 minutes.
  6. Files: you can view replays of all games that have been conducted from 2009 to date, in high definition.
  7. Coaches film, showing you unique angles of moves. This includes that you can draw (diagram) played and share them with your friends (only on iPad).
  8. Major moves: you can see the most important moves by demand.
    Downloads of games: so can see games on your mobile devices.

To subscribe, you can visit the page of NFL Game Pass.

NFL Sunday Ticket TV is the service that DIRECTV offers so that you can see any of the games transmitted during the day Sunday, leaving out Sunday night, Monday night, Thursday and Saturday. Note that with companies affiliated with DIRECTV outside United States, conditions and services may vary or not exist.

For non-subscribers of DIRECTV
Available only in United States, NFL Sunday Ticket TV PlayStation and NFL Sunday Ticket Without DIRECTV is the new variant of what was formerly known as NFL Sunday Ticket To Go, specifically geared for users that don’t have DIRECTV service or living in some areas of New York, Philadelphia or San Francisco. This service is also available for students of universities: Michigan (Ann Arbor), Alabama, Washington, Texas (Austin), USC, Florida, Colorado (Boulder), Syracuse, Ohio State and Harvard. click here

The price of subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket TV varies based on which devices want to use to see matches. 1) (PS3, PS4 and Xbox One) game consoles only, 2) mobile devices (Android, iPhone or Windows Phone) and computer or 3) all of the above (service known as MAX). Among its services, the most prominent are:

Avaliable for nfl sunday ticket for non-directv subscribers 2015 Games on Sunday (excluding Sunday night) live in high definition. directv hdtv receiver dvr for current subscribers You can follow your favorite players. Statistics of games at your disposal, instantly.
It includes Red Zone Channel, which is transmission of offensive series of annotation in a single channel, live (only MAX).

For DIRECTV subscribers directv hdtv receiver with dvr for current subscribers
There is NFL Sunday Ticket Max Page, which is a version of the service that is given to television, with the Variant that “Max” allows you to view the games on your computer or on your mobile device (after installing an application). NFL Sunday Ticket Max is a service only to customers of DIRECTV. Among its services, the most prominent are:

  1. Games in high definition (HD) live or on demand.
  2. It includes Red Zone Channel, which is transmission of offensive series of annotation in a single channel, live.
  3. You can see up to 8 games at the same time.
  4. You can follow up to 20 players, who are your favorite.
  5. Statistics of games at your disposal, instantly.
  6. You can see summarized games in about 30 minutes.


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