Best Android VPN Client Apps in 2015

If you are looking for a good VPN for Android that allows you to unlock applications, web pages, and also to protect your privacy, we recommend five of the finest available.


the use of this type of layers of protection to navigate on the Internet have become very popular in recent years by two basic and lethal reasons: we have heard the gigantic amount of government surveillance to which we are subjected when we access to the network, and this has led to Internet users concerned about their privacy, although not as many or as much as we should. Another popular reason to use a VPN, is the possibility of unblock websites, applications and content that otherwise we could not use.


Although for some seem obvious, for others users is a surprise find is with the made of that can install a VPN in their smartphones and get the same protection that in their computers personal. Many are the applications of VPN that have available for Android, and it better is that can hire these services in several devices, included the PC, of course.


ExpressVPN is the second best as it provides the best all-round service. The company has an exceptionally outstanding Android app (maybe it sees that Android is the future) with a great set of features and dedicated 24/7 support. The speed test was constantly green across the board and with their 30-day money back guarantee you have a fantastic opportunity to experience it without risk.


The favorite of many, and one that never missing when I recommend a VPN free. Hello Free VPN is their version for Android offers access unlimited free to all their users without need of access root. Hello you can unlock applications and web sites from around the world, hide your IP address to surf anonymously, and to speed up your connection thanks to the your browser lightning.


OpenVPN for Android is a client based the in project open source of OpenVPN that do not require access root. It is not a free VPN as such service, but a client to connect to any open VPN, or your private VPN server. Requires a little technical knowledge for its configuration and could say that it is a little advanced user-oriented.


TunnelBear is one of the best known and best VPN services that we have today. The free service has a monthly limit of megabytes you can increase with a monthly subscription. The application is extremely easy to use and friendly, lets you unblock any website, protect your identity, and using public WiFi networks without worries, everything you could expect.


Spotflux lets you use the application for three days for free, then you need a subscription for just $5.99 per year which are well worth for your VPN service unlimited which includes protection anti-malware, blocking all kinds of tracking scripts, and even mobile data compression to help save on consumption. The app is very easy to use and does not require root access.


With HotSpot Shield in Android get all the benefits of a good VPN: protection of the connections WiFi with encrypted HTTPS, privacy, access to applications and content blocked (Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, Pandora Skype, YouTube, etc.), masking of IP, etc. Similar to TunnelBear, can use it’s form free and without limit of width of band until is you end up them megs free, then paying a plan monthly can get more data.


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