Giant jenga set foam

Game ideal for play in group. life size foam jenga blocks It is go removing turn down parts and place them above. Which pulls the Tower loses and has to replace her tower to start again. giant foam jenga This model contains 4 given so can play original mode as explained above either each player in his turn to roll two dice and has to take out a card containing one of the two numbers in the tens or the units or the tab with the sum of the two numbers. I.e. If 5 and 3 sacks could draw tiles with number 5,15,13,31,35,etc. either the tab with the number 8. There are more variants with dice, it is a matter of take imagination. Recommended, very funny.


It is time now that autumn comes soon, it’s fun to play Gian Jenga or “Giant tower”, in summer also but heat does not let you think the move, because you have to know what to think since any plank removed before time will be dropping all the Tower, you’re able to play, you can spend one afternoon and extraordinary night with this set of garden with your friendsyou have 2 statutes, if I am not you clear you can see one or another I leave the links below either of the two is good, I like the first because it has given him a touch especially with paintings, remember that they are 48 boards will have to paint in different colours.


The Jenga is a game of physical and mental skill. It is dynamic and fun which makes it ideal for parties and family gatherings. It is a classic large and guys like to play. The rules are simple and the duration approximately of the game is from 5 to 15 minutes. Being a game of skill, it is one that will test your patience and motor skills as well as your ability to solve problems.

Giant jenga set foam

The game consists of 54 rectangular wood blocks that are organized to form a tower. Some versions include a mould from cardboard to help you build it. The objective is to move the blocks of wood to grow the Tower while it collapse.


The Jenga is a game of thinking and strategy in getting blocks, determined randomly by a roll of dice, to continue raising the structure at the same time that has to avoid its collapse.


Giant jenga game foam It is the typical game of the tower known as jenga, but 10 times larger, reaching the 1.50 meters in height. All the fun of the small Tower but on a larger scale!


This game of giant Jenga is specially designed so that children and adults alike to enjoy a day outdoors.


This comprised 56 pieces 2, 7 x 7 x 3, 4cm. And even at the beginning have a height of 70 cm during the game can reach 1.5 meters.


A highly original gift to enjoy in family, you’ll want both small and larger and guarantees long hours of fun.


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Before playing

  • The first thing you should do is to build the tower.
  • The tower is built by placing three blocks by layer, alternating the direction of the same. Down and to the side.
  • If necessary you can use carton mould to help you build the tower…
  • Initiation and development of the game
  • On your turn, you must remove a block of any part of the tower. We must do this using only one hand. You are allowed to touch the blocks to determine who is looser or more easy to remove.
  • Place the block that you removiste at the top of the tower.
  • Wait ten seconds. If the Tower falls lose, if the Tower maintains it is the turn to the next player.
  • End of the game
  • The game ends when a single player if having knocked down the tower. This is the winner of the game.


  • Identifies the block that is more loose because this is indicative that this block is not bringing much to the stability of the tower by which you can remove it without major consequences.
  • Take your time to make your move. The speed is not necessary but rather the skill with which you can make each block.
  • Remove the bottom blocks tend to cause greater instability due to the weight that must be supported by these blocks. He is first remove top half blocks of the tower.
  • Look towards that side sways the tower to remove a block. Place the block on the opposite side so that you can balance the weight.
  • It is a good idea to maintain the pattern of blocks rather than seeking to quickly build a high tower. The highest is the most unstable Tower it is.

Giant jenga set foam

It should be steady hand and eye to choose the files that we want to get out… because if we are not careful enough or choose evil, we will end up pulling all the tower and losing the game. Mas lengthens the game becomes more difficult and interesting! However, our adventurous spirit of geeks asked us already a digivolution in Board Games is concerned… and hence the Jenga ordinary reach gifts were transformed into a giant Jenga. It is manufactured in mandera of New Zealand pine, has 65 blocks and an approximate total height of 1 meter 22. Overcome by such? You do not achantes to the tower and enjoy a maximized experience.