How to delete facebook messages on kindle fire

The Facebook messaging system is a little confusing. how to delete facebook messages on kindle By default, instead of deleting messages, archives them. how to delete facebook messages using a kindle In addition, surely you have noticed that when you talk in chat with someone, the conversation is recorded in your messages, and sometimes want to avoid it.


This time we are going to discuss how to clean facebook committed messages, deleting messages forever, and also clearing the chat history so that your conversations to be private.


How to erase messages forever delete message facebook with kindle

If you go to the Facebook messages section you will exit the list of messages, or better said, the list of persons, and is that the messages are grouped by sender. Here is where you will find that the only available options are archive and mark as read. “Delete”, or trace.




You have to do is enter the message (i.e., click on the recipient to deploy the conversation) and then you’ll see that appears a new menu called actions, above, next to the search box. Select Delete messages.


Don’t worry, this will not delete anything… yet. Instead it will show some boxes next the different individual messages that make up the conversation, either this message or chat.


Mark the checkboxes of those messages that you want to delete and press the delete button.


Of course, if you want to send 900 posts, this method does not serves. Instead, use the actions menu > delete conversation.


This menu will delete all the conversation (quiet, asked for confirmation).


Above all, remember: to delete messages, you must open them first. That means that if you have conversations with 400 people, you must open those 400 conversations and use the previous menu. There is no way to delete those 400 conversations at once.


Having a mailbox means that you can communicate with people from almost anywhere in the world quickly and easily, but it also means that sooner or later you feel flooded by a good number of spam messages that you don’t want to have there.

Facebook, more than once perhaps you will have happened that your friends and contacts send you messages and more posts that you’re leaving without reading. At the end you find yourself with a more or less long list that many times you would like to delete on click block.


How to delete archived messages

You didn’t know how to delete messages and you’ve been filing them, and now I can’t find how to delete them? It is not surprising, and that the link is very small: you have it in the view menu on the top of the list of conversations.


From here the process is the same. You must read the message that you want to delete, and then use the actions menu > delete conversation.


As we have explained before, you must go conversation to conversation. You can not delete them all at once.


How to clear chat history

The functioning of the chat histories that are stored on Facebook is equal to the message, so that they are also deleted from the list of messages. In this case it is highly recommended that you use to delete a conversation, because if it will not take you long time check all the boxes.


Remember, in the Facebook chat window you have the option to delete the window, using the icon and then selecting delete content window.


With her chat window will be blank, but will remain saved in messages.


At the moment there is no way to avoid Facebook store chat histories automatically in your posts, although it is expected to finish it by incorporating sooner or later. Perhaps.


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